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Located in the westernmost part of Africa, Guinea-Bissau has a population of 1.58 million and an area of 36,100 square kilometers. The country boasts mineral resources of bauxite and phosphate. Fishery and forestry are its most important resources and source of revenue.

With a coastline of 220 kilometers, Guinea-Bissau has a huge haul of about 200,000 tonnes a year. Besides, the country has a forest area of nearly 24,600 square kilometers, with abundant and valuable trees like rosewoods, myrtles, blood-woods, white- woods and palms.

Guinea-Bissau's main trade partners are Portugal, Senegal, Spain, Morocco, Japan, South Africa, India and Singapore.

China and Guinea-Bissau resumed diplomatic relations in 1998. Since then, two-way trade has developed rapidly, reaching 24.81 million U.S. dollars in 2009. There are much room and good prospects for China and Guinea-Bissau to cooperate in fishery.


Editor: Mo Hong'e
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