Dalai Lama's lies, western bias
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    BEIJING, Feb. 28 -- Despite opposition from the Chinese government, U.S. President Barack Obama resolutely met with the Dalai Lama at the White House during the latter's visit to the U.S. People are aware that the majority of western countries' political leaders have persistently met with the Dalai Lama at the price of undermining their relationship with China. So, what are the reasons behind their actions?



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The reasons held by European and U.S. leaders are generally the same. Firstly, they view the Dalai Lama as a "world-renowned cultural and religious figure." Secondly, as leaders of sovereign states, they have the right to meet anybody they wish without the approval of China. In fact, the two paradoxical reasons are fully groundless.

    It has to be admitted that the "Nobel Prize for Peace" laurel does bestow the Dalai Lama an aura. However, as everyone knows, the "Nobel Prize for Peace" is awarded in accordance with western values, so it contains intense subjective political characteristics and lacks objectiveness.

    Western countries' receiving the Dalai Lama as a distinguished guest is simply aimed at containing China. The White House stated after the meeting, that Obama expressed strong support for Tibet's genuine autonomy when meeting with the Dalai Lama. The words revealed the hidden essence of the meeting that what they discussed involved not only politics, but also China's domestic issues, instead of the so-called cultural or religious exchanges. If the meeting content was really just cultural or religious exchanges, the talk could have been conducted in cultural or religious site rather than the White House, in a fair and square manner.

    Generally, it is unnecessary for a state leader to ask for a foreign governmentí»s approval to meet with someone, but it is not absolutely right. For instance, would Chinese, Russian or other countries' leaders meet with Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda leaders without considering the feelings of the U.S. administration and its people?

Editor: Yang Lina
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