Latest News : Haitians' resilience faces severe test    Diseases on the rise, amputees long-term challenge for Haitian gov't    Haitian homeless in need of toilets, showers    HK Exchange Fund records second highest investment return in 2009    Israeli PM plants trees to signify claim to West Bank settlement blocs     Where next for Israeli-Palestinian peace?     

Diseases on the rise, amputees long-term challenge for Haitian gov't

Relief effort in Haiti focus on food and sanitation

Relief efforts in Haiti are now focusing on providing food and drinking water for quake victims with special emphasis on improving sanitation so as to prevent outbursts of such endemic diseases as cholera, malaria and the dengue.  Full story 

Haitians' resilience faces severe test

The remarkable resilience shown by quake survivors and medical staff in quake-hit Haiti is set to be tested by mental and physical sequelae, which can be more clearly seen weeks or months from now, a non-government organization (NGO) official said Friday.  Full story 

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:: Relief effort in Haiti focus on food and sanitation
:: Haiti may have 3,000 post-quake amputees
:: Third group of Haitian adoptees arrive in Canada
:: Haitian homeless in need of toilets, showers

:: Small Haitian town recovers from quake to rebuild itself
:: Death toll in Haiti rises amid troubled relief efforts
:: 4.7-magnitude aftershock jolts Haiti
:: Haitians mourn bishop, aid workers continue relief efforts
:: Haitian man saved 11 days after quake

:: Strong aftershock hits Haiti
:: Search for survivors still underway in Haiti
:: Ruins in Haiti
:: Haitians' daily life after earthquake
:: Haitians flee homeland by boat as in movie "2012"

::At least 26 Latin American U.N. peacekeepers die in Haiti quake
:: Powerful afterquake hits Haiti
:: Remembering Chinese peacekeepers in Haiti
:: Paying homage to our peacekeepers
:: Bodies of Chinese peacekeeping police back home 

:: Senior leader conveys condolences to families of peacekeepers killed in Haiti quake 
:: Chinese mourn police killed in Haiti earthquake
:: Chinese police officers missing in Haiti named 
:: Chinese rescue team continues searching for survivors in Haiti
:: Haiti's pain felt around the world
:: Haiti quake relief -- a daunting task for world community "

:: Relief efforts intensified for Haiti
:: More people saved in Haiti, medical supplies in urgent need 
:: All UNESCO aid workers survive Haiti quake 
:: UN chief to travel to Haiti to show solidarity with quake victims 
:: Obama: aircraft carrier arrives in Haiti, to meet Clinton, Bush 

:: Brazilian gov't confirms deaths of 17 Brazilians in Haiti 
:: Mexicans return home from earthquake-hit Haiti 
:: Feature: Life and death in Port-au-Prince two days after earthquake hits
:: World mobilized for quake-ravaged Haiti  

:: Peruvian soldier dies in Haiti's earthquake
70 S Koreans in Haiti all alive, gov't to send aid  
Huge casualties feared in Haitian quake, aid pours in 
:: Evacuation of S Koreans in quake-hit Haiti begins: media  

:: One Canadian confirmed dead in Haiti, more missing  
:: Haiti needs at least 10 million dollars in humanitarian aid   
:: Argentine UN peacekeeper dies in Haiti earthquake  
Death toll of UN staff in Haiti rises as rescue efforts continue 
Earthquake crushes thousands of buildings in Haiti 

:: 16 UN staffers confirmed dead in Haiti: Ban  
:: At least 14 UN staffers dead in Haiti earthquake: UN official 
UN peackeeping chief cannot confirm death of head of UN mission in Haiti  
:: Hundreds feared dead in quake-jolted Haiti: U.N. chief  
::  Huge casualties feared in Haitian quake

8 peacekeepers bodies returning home 

Haiti suffers heavy losses in quake

China rescue team leaves for Haiti

UN chief expresses concern over security in Yemen

China rescue team leaves for Haiti

China's Response

:: Chinese UN staffers donate food, tents to Haiti orphanage
:: Chinese medical team leaves for Haiti
:: Chinese medical team to Haiti confident to accomplish mission
:: China announces more assistance to Haiti

:: China holds homecoming ceremony for peacekeepers killed in Haiti quake
:: Senior leader conveys condolences to families of peacekeepers killed in Haiti quake
:: Bodies of 8 policemen killed in Haiti quake back home
Chinese President expresses condolences over death of Chinese police in Haiti quake
:: Senior Chinese leader arrives at Beijing airport for homecoming of peacekeepers' bodies

:: China's humanitarian aid materials reach Haiti
:: First batch of relief supplies arrives in Haiti
:: China ready to send more rescue, medical personnel to Haiti
:: China active in disaster relief in quake-hit Haiti
:: China confirms death of all 8 Chinese police officers in Haiti quake

:: Second body of buried Chinese peacekeeping police in Haiti found 
:: Chinese rescuers provide much-needed medical assistance in Haiti 

::China to positively respond to UN flash appeal for quake-hit Haiti
::   Chinese police officers missing in Haiti named
:: Chinese doctors in action to assist quake-devastated Haiti

:: Chinese experess sympathy, willingness to help to Haiti quake victims
:: Chinese international rescue team arrives in Haiti
 ::Chinese rescue team arrives in Haiti, eight Chinese still missing
China sends rescue team to quake-hit Haiti, donates one million dollars
China sends aid, rescue team to quake-hit Haiti

Eight peacekeeping police officers killed in Haiti earthquake

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Port-au-Prince after quake Bodies of Chinese peacekeeping police killed in Haiti earthquake arrive home Farewell to Chinese peacekeeping police officers killed in Haiti Mourners wait for coffins of Chinese peacekeepers from Haiti

Int'l emergency aids rush to Haiti

Clinton cancels foreign trip to deal with Haiti earthquake

Death toll of UN staff in Haiti rises as rescue efforts continue

China sends rescue team to quake-hit Haiti, donates one million dollars

World's Response Comments

::Haitians mourn bishop, aid workers continue relief efforts
::Canada to host ministerial preparatory conference on quake-ravaged Haiti
::EU pledges over 400 mln euros in aid to Haiti
::Nigeria sends condolence over Haiti earthquake
:: World mobilized for quake-ravaged Haiti
:: S Korean president: G20 countries agree to help quake-hit Haiti

IDB to redirect resources to support reconstruction in Haiti
:: Argentina, Panama send humanitarian aid to Haiti
:: Senior UN official: Haiti needs medical workers, supplies
:: Mexico contributes 45,000 tons of aid to Haiti
:: Peru sends 54 tons of humanitarian aid to Haiti

:: Two French naval vessels to bound for Haiti to join int'l aid: Sarkozy
:: Relief work in Haiti to be difficult, 2 Italians may be among victims
Brazilian navy to send water treatment equipment to Haiti
:: Nicaragua sends rescuers, military doctors to Haiti
UN chief "heartened" by scale of global response to help Haiti quake victims

:: Red Cross creates website for Haiti's earthquake survivors
:: Norway contributes 40 million Norwegian kroners to relief operation in Haiti
:: UNFPA sends urgent lifesaving supplies to pregnant women in Haiti
:: At least 36 UN staff members confirmed dead in Haiti quake: UN
:: IMF to provide 100 million dollars in emergency assistance to Haiti

:: U.S. sending 3,500 troops to Haiti
:: Death toll in Haiti quake estimated to be "very high," UN chief says 
U.S. provides 14,450 tons of food for Haiti
:: Brazilian sends second aircraft for Haiti for aid work
:: Britain pledges millions of pounds to aid operation in quake-hit Haiti

:: U.S. puts medical personnel on alert for relief in Haiti
Number of Brazilian military died in Haiti rises to 14 
:: Countries, international organizations send condolences over Haiti quake
:: Thailand approves humanitarian fund for Haiti
:: Japan to send 5 million dollars in grants to quake-hit Haiti

:: Obama fails to contact Haitian president after massive quake
:: S Korea raises warning level for travelers to earthquake-hit Haiti
:: Australian FM announces Haiti aid package
:: Peru to provide food, medicine for Haiti
:: Brazilian gov't mourn over death of humanitarian worker in Haiti earthquake

:: L American countries show solidarity with Haiti
:: L American countries rush aid to Haiti
:: UN rushing aid to Haiti following deadly tremors
:: New Zealand to provide 1-mln-NZ-dollar aid to Haiti
:: Canada provides immediate aid to quake-hit Haiti

:: U.S. defense secretary delays Australia trip over Haiti earthquake
:: Bill Clinton appeals for donations for Haiti quake
:: Clinton cancels foreign trip to deal with Haiti earthquake
:: UN chief: Most urgent need for Haiti is emergency search, rescue
:: U.S. launches massive assistance to Haiti over quake disaster

:: World Bank to provide additional $100 mln to Haiti
:: Italy to take part in relief operations in quake-hit Haiti
:: ECLAC calls on int'l community to aid quake-hit Haiti
:: Tunisian president sends condolence over Haiti earthquake
:: UNESCO chief pledges support for quake-hit Haiti

:: World Bank to provide additional emergency aid to Haiti
:: Sweden to offer assistance to earthquake-stricken Haiti
:: Schwarzenegger pledges California to assist quake-hit Haiti
:: IMF says it stands ready to aid Haiti
:: Russia to send aid plane to Haiti

:: Clinton vows strong U.S. support for Haiti over quake
:: NAM conveys full solidarity, aid to quake-hit Haiti
:: UN chief calls for international support in wake of devastating Haiti quake


:: Lucky to be with help from China: Haitian people
:: Rescue, relief efforts in Haiti embody internationalism  
:: Swift relief response key factor in Haiti earthquake relief, experts say
:: "Scale of catastrophe in Haiti is very high," says UN peacekeeping chief



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