Iranian speaker says Israel, CIA behind nuclear scientist assassination 2010-01-13 21:05:00   Print

    TEHRAN, Jan. 13 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Parliament (Majlis) Speaker Ali Larijani Wednesday accused Israel and the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of assassinating its nuclear scientist in a rare bomb attack in Tehran, the local ISNA news agency reported.

    "We have received obvious information over recent days that Zionist regime's (Israeli) intelligence service and CIA were seeking terrorist attacks in Tehran," Larijani was quoted as saying.

    "They might have thought that they have found an opportunity to make academics worried and damage Iran's nuclear research activities because of some internal conflicts in Iran," he added.

    Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, a particle physics professor in Tehran University, was killed Tuesday morning when a bomb strapped to a parked motorcycle was triggered by remote control outside his homein the Qeytariyeh neighborhood.

    Larijani said, "An unidentified monarchist group controlled by CIA issued a statement which claimed responsibility for Tuesday terrorist attack in Tehran against an Iranian leading physicist scientist," the report said.

    A terrorist group named "Iran Royal Association" took responsibility for Tuesday's fatal bombing attack on an Iranian nuclear physicist, local Iran Daily reported Wednesday.

    On Tuesday, Iran's Foreign Ministry responded to the attack by saying that there were traces of U.S. and Israeli involvement in it, according to the state IRIB TV.

    However, the United States rejected the charges of its involvement in the deadly bomb attack.

Editor: Wang Guanqun
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