Since November last year, waves of heavy snow have stricken most parts of China, bringing chaos to the country. It caused disruptions to railway and road transportation, stranded or delayed airlines, forced some provinces to ration electricity for industrial use, led to increase of food prices such as vegetables and fruits, and caused many primary and secondary schools to close. The heavy snow in  November last year affected more than one million people in eastern and central China, damaging crops and delaying air travel.  A heavy snow in Xinjiang on Jan. 8 left one person dead and forced the evacuation of 5,435.

Heavy snow leaves one dead, over 5,000 evacuated in Xinjiang

Weather hits food prices in China

Cold wave in China causes power rationing

Snowstorms wreak havoc in E, C China provinces

Snowstorms affect over one mln people in China

Heavy snow hits north China, disrupting traffic, classes

Trains stranded by snow in Inner Mongolia

Magnificent Great Wall covered with snow

    North India has been hit by a cold wave in the first week of 2010, in which at least 100 people have died of coldness. Heavy fogs brought about by the cold weather also caused train collisions.

Strong cold wave strikes India

Heavy fog forces India to cancel 5 trains in capital

At least 100 people died of cold wave in N. India

Cold wave grips India-controlled Kashmir 

    About 30 people, including 28 children, have died of cold-related diseases in northern Bangladesh as cold wave is sweeping over northern and central part of the south Asian country.
Cold snap claims 30 lives in N Bangladesh
    Deaths related to the excessive cold weather reached 25. The adverse weather brought diseases like pneumonia, cold, diarrhea and respiratory problems. Many schools had to close as well.

Cold wave kills 25 in Nepal

Winter chill claims 5 people's lives in eastern Nepal

    A heavy snowfall on the first day of new year almost brought South Korea to a standstill, blocking entry to 13 major highways, and 19 principal roads, as well as 14 of the busiest streets in downtown Seoul.
Snowstorm blasts South Korea

North America

    Since the end of last year, most part of the U.S have been hit by fierce snow storms, claiming five deaths. The cold weather left  hundreds of thousands of homes lost power, 2,900 traffic accidents and disabled vehicles. A major snowstorm on Jan. 7 forced more than 500 flights to be canceled and more than 150 schools closed.

Flights canceled, schools closed as major snowstorm hits Chicago area

U.S. Midwest gripped by heavy snow

Winter storm sweeps across central U.S.

U.S. East Coast in mess after record-setting storm

Heavy snow hits Wisconsin, U.S.

Fierce winter storm pounds dozen U.S. states

    A snowstorm hit Canada December last year, causing traffic chaos, flight delays and school closures in some regions. A second extreme cold alert was raised in January 2010.

First snowstorm hits Canada

Toronto calls off extreme cold weather alert


    On Jan. 7, 2010 blizzards swept across central and southern England, bringing more road and rail chaos, forcing 438 airlines to suspend flights and hundreds of schools to close. Because of the snow a Eurostar train broke down inside the Channel Tunnel, several airports were closed.

Forecasters predict more snow for Britain

Heavy snow closes airports, schools across Britain

Heavy snow causes transport havoc in England

Eurostar train becomes stuck in tunnel

Entire Europe freezes in snow

    Traffic was paralyzed in Moscow after the largest snowfall in Russia this winter. In another heavy snow about 200 freight trains are stuck at port cities in Russia's Far East region.

Overnight snowstorm hits Moscow

Heavy snowfall brings Moscow transport chaos

Vacations, weather strand 200 freight trains in Russia's Far East

    From January 6, a cold snap has swept across Europe, with rain and snow slamming northern France and Paris.

Paris braces for heavy snow

Cold snap harasses France

    A blizzard swept on Jan. 7 Southern Finland, causing at least 20 road accidents with cars sliding off the road but no serious injuries were reported by early evening.
Blizzard sweeps Southern Finland
    Three Austrian citizens were froze to death on their way home from local bars in the cold winter.
3 dead in Austrian cold wave this winter
    Road, railway and air traffic in southwestern Norway have fallen into chaos after two days of heavy snowfall in Demcember last year.
Heavy snowfall causes traffic chaos in SW Norway 
    A week-long blizzard in Romania  last year caused 11 weather-related death in December last year.
11 killed by cold weather in Romania
    The freezing weather gripping parts of Europe is showing no signs of easing, with warnings the big chill could continue

Freezing weather grips Germany

Snow, icy weather disrupts travel across Europe

    The freezing weather gripping parts of Europe is showing no signs of easing, with warnings the big chill could continue
Chilly weather to continue in Prague
    Thirty major roads have been shut down in Spain due to days of rain and snow since Dec. 31, 2009.

Spain shuts down 30 major roads due to heavy rain, snow

Alerts for cold temperatures, snowstorms withdrawn in Spain

                                                                                                                                                                                        Editor: Han Jingjing