Hamas: prisoner swap deal with Israel needs more talks
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    GAZA, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- A senior Islamic Hamas movement official said on Wednesday Hamas does not agree to a latest Israeli prisoners exchange offer and that the indirect talks with Israel need another round.

    The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Xinhua that the politburo of Hamas, which consists of 13 members, held long talks in Damascus with the participation of a Hamas delegation from Gaza.

    "The movement's politburo decided to reject the Israeli offer to complete the prisoners swap deal and also decided to continue the indirect talks through the German mediator," said the official.

    He said the Hamas politburo has asked the Gaza Hamas delegation to return to the Gaza Strip and hand over the Hamas response to the German mediator that the movement "doesn't accept the offer."

    Palestinian observers said that Hamas doesn't want to say clearly that the deal failed "in order not to be blamed for being the party which is obstructing the finalization of the deal."

    Meanwhile, Gaza-based Hamas spokesman Ayman Taha refused to tell Xinhua by telephone the clear stance of Hamas whether it accepts the Israeli offer or rejects it.

    "Debates will continue and negotiations will continue. We can't say that the deal has reached a deadlock and we can't say that the talks ended and the deal was finalized. The debates will continue," said Taha.

    He added that "Hamas movement doesn't accept the recent Israeli conditions on the swap deal," adding that "Hamas would request from the German mediator to continue his efforts until an agreement is reached."

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