S Korean telecom watchdog approves iPhone sales
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    SEOUL, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- South Korea's telecom regulator said Wednesday it had approved local sale of Apple Inc.'s iPhones, opening the domestic handset market to the U.S. company.

    According to the Korea Communications Committee, its policymakers reached an agreement to grant Apple a license to run location-base services on the iPhone in the country, which is a prerequisite condition for cellphone makers or mobile carriers to be allowed in the local market.

    It has been a slow process to bring the iPhone to the local market as the South Korean government was reluctant to give permission on concerns over the potential privacy violation by the phone's location-base services (LBS).

    The current South Korean law does not allow smart phones with LBS, such as "Google Map" and "Find my iPhone."

    The telecom regulator, however, has concluded that infringements of privacy would only be minimal, as users cannot be differentiated from one another with the local service of the iPhone, according to officials at the commission.

    The world-popular iPhone is expected to hit the South Korean market as soon as the commission gives Apple the license next week, local media reported.

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