Kosovo's ruling party wins local elections, preliminary results show
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    PRISTINA, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- The ruling Democratic Party (PDK)is the clear winner of November 15 local elections in Kosovo, according to preliminary official results announced Tuesday.

    PDK will have the most votes in 16 municipality assemblies in Kosovo from the total of 36, said Nestrin Lushta, head of Central Election Commission.

    Mrs. Lushta said that no changes are expected from the still uncounted votes, mostly cast by mail.

    The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) of President Fatmir Sejdiu, which is the junior partner in the governing coalition, will lead with assembly members in 8 municipalities.

    Prime Minister Hashim Thaci's party won an overall vote of 29 percent followed by its coalition partner LDK with 22 percent. Third is opposition party Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) with 14 percent of the votes.

    The turnout in Sunday's local elections was much lower in Serb-dominated areas, including 23 percent in Gracanica, 12 percent in Ranillug and 25 percent in Klokot.

    Anyway Serb representatives will govern these municipalities, both in assembly and as the presidents of the municipalities.

    A lower turnout of Serbs was recorded in three Serb-dominated municipalities in northern Kosovo. In Leposavic, Zubin Potok and Zvecan less than 1 percent of the eligible voters showed up at the polling stations.

    Due to lack of Serbs participation in elections, Albanian representatives were announced winners of the position of Presidents and majorities in assemblies.

    The question is if those elected will be able to functionalize their positions because Serbs are organized in their own institutions which are recognized and supported from Serbia, and regarded parallel from officials in Pristina.

    Except winning the assemblies, PDK was also the winner for the positions of leaders of municipalities. In five municipalities PDKwon in the first round, AAK in four and LDK in three municipalities, including capital Prishtina.

    Three new municipalities will be run by Serb mayors. One by a Turkish. Other municipalities will have to hold a second round of voting on Dec. 13, because the initial balloting failed to produce a winner.

    A breakaway province of Serbia, ethnic Albanian-dominated Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in February 2008. However, Serbia has vowed it would never recognize Kosovo's independence, regarding the move illegal and in contrary with international law.

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