Homemade bomb explodes outside ruling party MP's apartment in Athens
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    ATHENS, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) -- A new terrorist attack occurred on Friday afternoon in Athens, adding to fears of a possible new wave of bloody incidents in the forthcoming days.

    A homemade bomb exploded outside the building where ruling PASOK party member and parliamentarian Mimis Androulakis lives at Kareas, a central district of the city.

    As in previous attacks by anarchist groups which are in most times responsible for these kind of incidents, an unidentified person made a warning telephone call to the police. Counter-terrorism experts who are searching for leads rushed to the area and no injuries were reported.

    Only a few minutes before the time bomb exploded, a maid removed the bag which contained the bomb from the entrance of Androulakis' apartment to the entrance of the building.

    No group has claimed responsibility for Friday's attack yet, but according to local media reports, investigating officers suspect the "Conspiracy of Nuclei of Fire-Nihilists Sect," which in the past two months carried out similar attacks on the homes of Minister of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping Louka Katseli and former Minister of Education Marietta Giannakou in central Athens districts.

    Leftist guerrilla and anarchist groups have mounted a series of attacks against politicians, police, businesses and public institutions, since a police officer fatally shot a teenager last December, sparking Greece's worst riots in decades.

    A police guard died in a terrorist attack this summer and six young police officers were injured in a shooting attack against a police station this month.

    According to the local media, police forces, especially in the Athens area, are put on high alert, as the anniversary of people's revolt against dictatorship during the 1970s, which falls on Nov. 17 and has been a favorite day of creating unrest to anarchists, and the anniversary of the teenager's death, on Dec. 6, are approaching. 

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