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Police officers escort Tatsuya Ichihashi upon his arrival at Tokyo station November 10, 2009. The Japanese suspect in the death of a young British woman found naked in a sand-filled bathtub has been caught after more than two years on the run during which he had plastic surgery, Japanese media reported on Tuesday. Ichihashi, 30, had been sought in connection with the death of Lindsay Ann Hawker, a 22-year-old English teacher from Brandon, near Coventry, after her body was found on the balcony of his apartment in Ichikawa, east of Tokyo, in March 2007.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)
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     TOKYO, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- Tatsuya Ichihashi, who is suspected of killing British woman Lindsay Ann Hawker, has been detained while attempting to board a ferry in Osaka, according to Japanese media.

    Police confirmed that the suspect was Ichihashi after taking his fingerprints in Osaka.

    Ichihashi, 30, is suspected of killing Hawker before disposing of her body on his balcony in Chiba Prefecture.

    The net had tightened on the suspect in recent days after it was discovered that he had had cosmetic surgery to alter his face and his fingerprints were found in the dormitory of a company where Ichihashi is believed to have been working for the last year.

Police officers escort Tatsuya Ichihashi, covered with black cloth, as he arrives at Gyotoku police station in Ichikawa, east of Tokyo November 11, 2009.(Xinhua/Reuters Photo)
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    The suspect is believed to have been attempting to again avoid capture, with the ferry he was boarding headed for Okinawa.

    Ichihashi eluded capture in 2007 by escaping from police when they visited his house, and discovered Hawker's body, buried in sand on his balcony. Ichihashi managed to escape despite the fact he was barefoot.

    Hawker's body was found to have been strangled, and had severe bruising.

    The victim's family have visited Japan on a number of occasions to appeal for help from the public to catch the man who became the nationí»s most wanted fugitive, with thousands of posters featuring his face distributed throughout the country and a reward of 10 million yen (111,000 dollars) offered for anybody with information on his whereabouts.

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