Gaza Muslim group claims rocket-fire at Israel 2009-11-09 18:48:29   Print

    GAZA, Nov. 9 (Xinhua) -- An Islamic group Monday announced its responsibility for firing a rocket from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

    In a statement posted on a pro-al-Qaida website, the Ma'sadet (house of lions) of Mujahdeen in Palestine said it had fired on earlier Monday a home-made rocket into southern Israel.

    The statement did not reveal more details about the missile or the group.

    Israeli sources said the missile landed in an open area in Sderot city, causing no damage or casualties.

    The rocket was fired despite undeclared ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian militant groups, led by Islamic Hamas movement which controls Gaza.

    Since Hamas routed secular Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007, some al-Qaida-style groups have appeared.

    In August, Hamas crushed a Salafi group calling itself Warriors of God, killing their leader and nearly two dozens of his followers, after the group declared an Islamic emirate in defiance of Hamas' rule.

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