Pro-Zelaya organization issues ultimatum for Zelaya's restitution 2009-11-06 10:33:40   Print

    TEGUCIGALPA, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- The Honduran National Resistance Front Against the Coup gave an ultimatum on Thursday for ousted President Manuel Zelaya to be restored to power; otherwise, it would not recognize the outcome of the upcoming elections.

    In a communique, Dagoberto Suazo, a member of the National Resistance Front, urged the international community to continue not recognizing the electoral process.

    Meanwhile, congressional deputy of the Democratic Unification Party, Marvin Ponce, said the elections in Honduras were in a state of crisis, and that it was impossible to hold elections in the aftermath of the coup.

    "(De facto President) Roberto Micheletti must understand that the Honduran people do not want him, that he must solve this problem in peace and harmony," Ponce stressed.

    The President of the Honduran Congress, Jose Alfredo Saavedra, said on Thursday that he would not delay the discussion of Zelaya's restitution in power.

    "The Congress will not delay, nor avoid, its historical responsibility," Saavedra announced.

    "We strive for dialogue; we must fulfill the role of the National Congress with responsibility," Saavedra said.

    The Congress is formed by 128 deputies. Zelaya needs 65 of those votes to be restituted.

Editor: Deng Shasha
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