Strange disease affecting women breaks out in Zambia 2009-10-08 16:08:59   Print

    LUSAKA, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- A strange disease only affecting the joints of women and making them fail to stand on their own has been found in Zambia's Luapula Province, the Times of Zambia reported on Thursday.

    The strange disease dubbed Dwarf has broken out in the Chembe area of the province and is only affecting women and girls, making them fail to stand on their own, Times said.

    Teleshi Lwando, an employee at the local Lwela Health Center, told the visiting lawmaker from the area, Mwansa Mbulakulima, that the disease was not "very serious" and that patients were healing after three days.

    He said the disease first broke out at Kabunda High School where a number of school girls had suffered from the disease.

    All the affected people were just being given Panadol as a drug, Times said.

    But the lawmaker said while the disease was not serious, there was need for health specialists to investigate why the disease was only affecting the girls and women.

    "Yes, we have been told that this disease, Dwarf, is not so serious, but then we should not go to sleep because of the assurance, instead we should work hard to establish the truth about the disease," Mbulakulima told health workers.

Editor: Li Xianzhi
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