30,000 families displaced from Iraq's Nineveh since 2003 war: official
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    MOSUL, Iraq, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- A total of 30,000 families have been displaced from northern Iraq's Nineveh province since the U.S.-led war in 2003, deputy minister of immigration said Thursday, noting that the ministry has programs for their return.

    "There are around 30,000 families displaced from Nineveh since 2003, including 28,000 families registered at the ministry," Asghar Abdulrazaq al-Moussawi told Xinhua when inspecting the displaced families in the province.

    "There is need to evaluate the number of families who returned to the province," he added.

    "The special social formula of Nineveh played a role in displacing the families," he said.

    The majority of displaced families from Nineveh have been Christians, who have been victims of sectarian campaigns by some extremist Muslim organizations.

    They waged attacks on Christian churches, killed a number of Christians and forced a large number to leave their ancient home city of Mosul, either to immigrate abroad or to move to safer heavens in other Iraqi cities or villages.

    The campaigns took place after the Iraq war led by the United States in March 2003, according to Christian sources in Nineveh's capital city of Mosul, which is the third largest city in Iraq after its capital of Baghdad and the southern port city of Basra.

    In Mosul, which lies 400 km north of Baghdad, Christian, Shiiteand Kurd communities live along with a Sunni majority.

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