Myanmar border inhabitants begin to return from China as situation calms 2009-08-30 14:48:11   Print

    KUNMING, Aug. 30 (Xinhua) -- Panic-stricken residents caught up in armed clashes along the Myanmar border have begun to return from China to their homes in Myanmar as the situation calms down, an unidentified official with the foreign affairs office of Yunnan provincial government said Sunday.

    A large number of border inhabitants comprising both Burmese and Chinese fled into southwest China's Yunnan Province after armed conflict in Myanmar broke out last week.

    The Yunnan provincial government had settled those fleeing the conflict and supplied accommodation, food and medical treatment in Zhenkang and Gengma counties in Yunnan, the official said.

    Myanmar had apologized for Chinese casualties in the incident, thanked the Chinese government for its friendly treatment of Myanmar residents, and promised to protect the safety and legal rights of Chinese citizens in Myanmar, according to the official.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said Friday that China hoped Myanmar could properly solve its domestic issues and safeguard the stability of its border with China.

    The conflict arose from confrontation between Myanmar government forces and an ethnic army in the Kokang area of Shan state in northeastern Myanmar. Kokang shares a border with Yunnan and has a population of about 150,000.

Editor: Xiong Tong
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