Hamas ready to deal with U.S. peace plan
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    GAZA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Hamas is ready to deal "positively" with a new U.S. peace plan that President Barack Obama is reportedly drafting, an aide to Hamas Premier Ismail Haneya said Thursday.

    "We have an initial readiness to accept it and deal with it positively but we will also reject it if it doesn't include an American recognition of the Palestinian rights," said Yousef Rizka,Haneya's political advisor.

    "The plan should endorse a Palestinian statehood with Jerusalemas its capital," Rizka told Xinhua. "Hamas will take an in-depth study of the plan when it is made public."

    Recent media reports said that Obama was drafting a plan to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. According to the plan, the West will boost its boycott of Hamas if the Islamic movement did not announce a clear position regarding the plan.

    But Rizka said that Hamas makes up its positions "mainly from the level of meeting the Palestinian rights."

    The U.S. administration and the European Union (EU) list Hamas as a terrorist foreign administration due to its charter which calls for the destruction of Israel.

    Rizka said that Hamas now accepts a Palestinian statehood alongside Israel "but only in exchange for a long-term truce" with the Jewish state. "This is a firm position that we can not give up."

    Hamas has been controlling Gaza since it routed security forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and ousted his Fatah movement. Abbas holds sway in the West Bank.

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