CPC expresses sympathy over Taiwan's losses in typhoon Morakot
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    BEIJING, Aug. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Taiwan Work Office of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Monday expressed its sympathies to compatriots in Taiwan for their losses in typhoon Morakot via a letter forwarded to the Kuomintang.

    Typhoon Morakot, which swept many counties of central and southern Taiwan, has caused casualties and incurred great property losses. Mainland compatriots have showed their profound concern, read the letter.

    "We are deeply grieved about the loss of our Taiwan compatriots and express our sincere condolences for those who suffered from the disaster. We hope the Taiwan compatriots will recover from the disaster as soon as possible and may peace return to their daily life in the earliest date," read the letter.

    The Taiwan Work Office said it was willing to provide necessary assistance in disaster-relief and reconstruction based on the needs of Taiwan.

    Typhoon Morakot, which has left six people dead and three others missing on the Chinese mainland, also brought great losses to Taiwan.

    According to Taiwan's disaster response center, Morakot had killed 12 people and injured 52, while 32 were still missing as of Monday.

    Taiwan's meteorological department lifted the typhoon alert at 10 a.m., but continued to forecast rainstorms in the area south of Miaoli County.

    Although typhoon Morakot has left Taiwan, the weather conditions on Monday remained unstable and some mountainous areas might have very heavy rainstorms, landslide and flooding, the forecast said.

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