Communists win snap parliamentary election in Moldova: exit poll 2009-07-30 06:08:25   Print

    BUCHAREST, July 29 (Xinhua) -- The Party of Communists accumulated 40.5 percent of votes in Wednesday's snap parliamentary election in Moldova, while other four parties passed the threshold of 5 percent to enter the parliament, according to the final results of the exit-poll.

    The four parties that will enter the new parliament are the Liberal Democratic Party (17.6 percent), the Liberal Party (16.5 percent), the Democratic Party (12.8 percent) and "Our Moldova" Alliance (8 percent).

    Wednesday's election proved first of all that the government organized a democratic, civilized and transparent ballot, the Communists' leader Vladimir Voronin told a press conference, stressing that this is the main result of the snap parliamentary election.

    Voronin said that it is premature to draw conclusions based on the exit-poll because so far all surveys had showed that the Communists' official result was 5-6 percent higher.

    According to Voronin, before the final results are announced, it is premature to talk about negotiations on the creation of post-electoral coalition with the parties that would make it to the parliament.

    Moldovans voted in a snap parliamentary election on Wednesday after the newly-elected parliament failed to choose a new president.

    More than 58.8 percent of the total of 2,620,418 voters cast their ballots, according to the Central Election Commission.

    Eight political parties run for the 101 parliamentary seats, and the Christian Democratic Popular Party, the Social Democratic Party and the environmental party Green Alliance failed to pass the threshold.

    The Moldovan parliament, which was elected on April 5, failed to elect a new president as the Communist candidate Zinaida Grecianii got 60 votes, just one vote short of what is needed to be elected head of state.

    Violence broke out in the Moldovan capital Chisinau in early April after the Central Election Commission announced the Communist Party won a landslide victory in the April 5 election.

    The opposition claimed the vote was rigged and called for a snap election. Protesters stormed the parliament and the presidential building.

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