Opera "Aida" on floating stage opens 64th Bregenz Festival in Austria
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    VIENNA, July 22 (Xinhua) -- Opera "Aida" written by Italian composer Verdi was shown on a floating stage in Austrian most western city Bregenz on Wednesday evening, officially opening the 64th Bregenz Festival.

    This year's festival, running until August 23, features some 100 performances, in which the four-stage opera "Aida" on a floating stage will be the biggest highlight.

    Opera "Aida" has a distinctive feature of a grand opera with its continuous symphonic music and grand scenes. Its outstanding dramatic properties, lyricism, beautiful melodies and set with exotic colors have brought total aesthetic enjoyment.

    This Bregenz Festival will put this opera on the floating stage on Bregenz city edge, which is built on Lake Boden, bordered by Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The stage, 25 meters away from the shore, is so far the largest open-air floating stage in the world.

    The stage was re-decorated for this show. A giant face of the New York Statue of Liberty, a torch and two 15-meter high feet are part of the opera-set, which is also the symbol of this festival.

    In order to put "Aida" onto floating stage, some giant props have specially been made, some of which even needed two cranes, 68meters and 51 meters tall respectively, to assembly. In the famous and spectacular scene of triumph, the elephant was even 8.5 meters in height and 14.5 meters in length, which, with two-meter long ivories, has to come onto stage by boat.

    All of these added to the charm of "Aida." As scheduled, during this Bregenz Festival, "Aida" will be on stage for 28 times. According to the organizers, more than 80 percent of the 192,000 tickets have already been booked before the opening of the festival.

    On Wednesday night, "Aida" was played on the floating stage as the opening opera of this festival, attracting some 7,000 audiences from all over the world, including many celebrities.

    Another widely anticipated performance in this festival is "King Roger" by Polish composer Karol Szymanowski. This opera has successfully harmonized the cultures of Christian, Arab and other religions with rich orchestration, fantastic chords and oriental melody, relating a story over the conflict between the early Christian asceticism and hedonism. This opera with the world premiere in 1926 is still recognized as a great masterpiece in Polish art history.

    "King Roger" will begin to be putted on the stage on Thursday in Bregenz Festival.

    The Bregenz Festival, dating back to 1946, is one of the most prestigious festivals in Austria. One of the most attractive performances is the opera on the floating stage. On a summer night, with beautiful lake scene and light wind, as well as the lights of the city Lindao of Germany at the back, watching the operas would become an unforgettable experience.

Editor: Fang Yang
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