Honduras' UN ambassador does not recognize new gov't
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    TEGUCIGALPA, July 2 (Xinhua) -- Honduras' ambassador to the United Nations, Jorge Arturo Reina, on Thursday told a radio station here that he does not recognize Roberto Micheletti's government, which came to power via a Sunday coup.

    "I do not abide by it, by whatever name it may be called, because I do not recognize the legal legitimacy of those who have sent it," he said of a letter firing him sent by the Micheletti government, which took office on Sunday just hours after soldiers seized President Manuel Zelaya and forced him to board a plane to Costa Rica.

    Micheletti on Tuesday announced the sacking of Honduras' ambassadors to the UN and to the Organization of American States.

    "The world has told them no and they have to understand that if they do not return power to Honduras' legitimate representatives they will be subjecting Honduras to a great deal of sacrifice," Reina said. Most nations and a long list of multilateral organizations have condemned the coup in Honduras.

    Reina added that he did not recognize Micheletti's foreign minister, Enrique Ortez Colindres, because "he does not boast the support of the people of Honduras, only the support of a coup d'etat."

    Micheletti was sworn into office in a legislative session that began with the reading of a resignation letter, denounced as a fake by Zelaya. In the letter Zelaya allegedly resigned on health grounds and sacked his cabinet. Micheletti immediately began appointing a new cabinet, 90 percent of which is now in place.

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