New Zealand influenza A/H1N1 confirmed cases rise to 711 2009-07-01 16:45:14   Print

    WELLINGTON, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The number of influenza A/H1N1 confirmed cases in New Zealand rose to 711 on Wednesday, up 58 from 653 on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health said.

    There were also 51 probable cases. Among the confirmed cases, 226 were in Wellington, 188 in South Island's Canterbury region, and 187 in Auckland region.

    Whilst the majority of people who contract the flu this winter will be able to care for themselves at home, there are some people, with underlying health conditions who may fall acutely unwell with the illness, the Ministry of Health said.

    That advice came after two people with the virus were admitted to intensive care units in critical condition last week.

    "Looking at overseas experience, there have also been cases reported where people who have been fit and healthy have contracted the virus and became very unwell. However, the majority of people who contract swine flu will be able to look after themselves," said Deputy Director of Public Health Fran McGrath.

    "Those people who have symptoms which worsen, or those who are more at risk (including pregnant women, people with respiratory disease, heart disease, liver disease or blood disorders), should phone Health line or phone their GP," she said.

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