Russia returns history documents to Austria 2009-06-24 01:27:07   Print

    VIENNA, June 23 (Xinhua) -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lawrow, who is visiting Austria right now, gave the archives taken by Russian troops during World War II back to the Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger on Tuesday.

    This symbolic action marked the beginning of the archives return work from Russia to Austria. And it was also the first time the archives were given back to Austria.

    The return of archives by Russia to Austria showed "a great mutual trust and respect between the two countries," said the Austrian Foreign Minister.

    Russian Foreign Minister Lawrow also thought the return of the archives as an "important event," which represented that the relationship between Russia and Austrian was so good that such difficult problem would also be solved.

    During the Second World War, Nazi seized the Austrian archival material, and which was then sent to Berlin, where finally obtained by Russian troops. The Process of archives restitution has been dealt between Russia and Austria with since 2007.

Editor: Mu Xuequan
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