Palestinians, Israelis rally against siege on Gaza border 2009-06-09 22:53:32   Print

    GAZA, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Palestinians, Israelis and international activists rallied on the two sides of Gaza border Tuesday afternoon, demanding an immediate lifting of two-year-old blockade Israel imposed on the enclave.

    The demonstration took place at Erez crossing point between Gaza and Israel in northern Gaza Strip.

    Tens of patients, farmers, children and the handicapped who most affected by the closure gathered on the Palestinian side of the only gate for travelers to Israel and the West Bank.

    On the Israeli side, tens of international and Israeli peace activists chanted slogans and held banners calling on Israel to ease the embargo which aims at isolating Hamas.

    The Palestinian protesters rose signs in Arabic and English reading "Free Palestine" and "Lift the Siege." A demonstrator held a wheelchair and demanded Israel to allow medical supplies in.

    Some children flew kites with writings urging the world to press Israel to open commercial and traveler crossings into Gaza.

    Amjad al-Shawa, coordinator of Palestinian NGO's Network (PNGO)which organized the rally, said Israel has to open the crossings and allow before the movement of the civilians who suffered a lot due to the blockade.

    A farmer who participated in the rally told Xinhua that he came here to demonstrate against the miserable life. "We want to live like the rest of the people without siege, shelling and destruction."

    The U.S.-based Code Pink peace movement sponsored the demonstration at the Israeli side of the border terminal. "Our rally raises our opposition to Israel's measures, attacks and the siege it imposes on Gaza," said Emma King of the international group which is on a visit to Israel and Gaza.

    Israel first imposed restrictions on cargo flow to Gaza in 2006 when the Islamic movement won Palestinian parliamentary elections. A year later, Israel tightened the blockade after Hamas seized security installations in the coastal Strip.

    Observers said the embargo has brought negative impact on the civilians. 

Editor: Mu Xuequan
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