Schools resume classes in Japan's flu-struck areas 2009-05-25 11:25:01   Print

    TOKYO, May 25 (Xinhua) -- Schools in Japan's flu-stricken Osaka and Hyogo prefectures resumed classes Monday following a one-week closure, local media reported.

    The move came after Japan relaxed its restrictions on measures against the A/H1N1 flu virus, notably those of allowing local authorities to decide whether to close or reopen schools as well as dropping onboard checks of passengers on flights from North America to Japan and lifting its suspension of visa waivers for Mexicans wishing to enter Japan.

    Certain schools, including Kobe High School and Hyogo High School, where Japan's first cases of the new flu infections were discovered, have yet to reopen.

    Osaka Governor Toru Hashimoto said that while striving to curb the spread of the new flu, the government shall "make the hardest efforts to regain functions" of the prefecture.

    With more confirmed cases of A/H1N1 flu reported in Osaka and Hyogo prefectures, Japan's tally of the new flu patients amounted to 344 on Monday.

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Editor: Wang Hongjiang
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