A/H1N1 epidemic yet to overcome: Mexican researcher
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    by Epifanio Cortes Cedillo

    MEXICO CITY, May 14 (Xinhua) -- The spreading A/H1N1 flu that has killed dozens in Mexico is highly contagious and requires the creation of a new hygiene culture in the country's education, said Thursday Dr. Alfonso Luis Peralta Chaparro, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

    "This is a relatively new kind of illness, and that is why it should be given its due importance," Peralta told Xinhua.

    "Everything should be appropriately handled as the contagion will continue."

    Earlier on Thursday, Mexico's Health Ministry said the nation had 64 confirmed deaths of the A/H1N1 flu and 2,565 infected cases.

    The Mexican government ordered to close all educational institutions from nurseries to universities on April 24. And it later resumed higher education last Thursday and most other schools reopened Monday as the number of new infection cases has seen a downward recently.

    Peralta said that though the situation was improving since the Mexican authorities took relative measures, "that does not mean the epidemic has been overcome."

    "Also it is not the time for everything to return to normal," he said, noting "such kind of health problem does not disappear overnight."

    "We have to remain alert and apply medical measures everywhere, at schools and in workplaces," he suggested.

    When Mexico's junior schools reopened on Monday, the authorities inspected every child to see if he or she has any flu-like symptoms. Around 50,000 children were sent home on the first day and asked to see a doctor.

    Peralta called for a reform in the curriculum at the country's primary schools to reflect the new situation.

    "A new culture of hygiene and health should be created, because the best way to avoid spreading disease is not only killing the virus but also keeping the good habit of cleanliness," he said.

    He also called for more conferences, workshops and specialist panels with epidemiology specialists to discuss the issue.

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