India rules out military intervention in Sri Lanka 2009-05-09 20:35:15   Print

    NEW DELHI, May 9 (Xinhua) -- India Saturday ruled out military intervention in neighboring Sri Lanka, saying it favored a solution to the problems of ethnic Tamils within the framework of the island nation's government.

    "There can be no military solution to the problems of Tamils in Sri Lanka. The legitimate aspirations of the Tamil-speaking minority must be fulfilled within the framework of a united and federal Sri Lanka through a negotiated and peaceful settlement," Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in a statement to the media in the southern city of Chennai.

    Subsequently, responding to questions whether India should intervene for a peaceful solution in Sri Lanka, the prime minister said, "It is not easy to send army to a sovereign country."

    His statement assumes significance given the regional parties in the southern state of Tamil Nadu pestering the government for a military intervention to bring an end to the ongoing battle between the Tamil Tiger rebels and Sri Lanka security forces in the island nation.

Editor: Deng Shasha
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