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    SHAOXING, East China, April (Xinhua) -- The doping tests which caught seven Chinese swimmers positive in 2008 were conducted by the Chinese national anti-doping agencies, the Chinese Swimming Association (CSA) said here on Thursday.

    A total of 1,467 tests were conducted on 396 swimmers by the Chinese anti-doping authorities last year, including 1,095 random tests, 237 in-competition tests and 135 blood tests.

    Seven swimmers were caught with Clenbuterol found in their samples.

    The positive swimmers are as follows (name, team, test time and type of the test):

    1, Yi Jianming, Hunan, January, random test;

    2, Ouyang Kunpeng, Jiangxi, May, random test;

    3, Qu Jing, Hebei, June, in-competition test;

    4, Liu Bingyao, Heilongjiang, June, in-competition test;

    5, Zuo Ziqiao, Anhui, June, in-competition test;

    6, Hu Shaozhi, Sichuan, June, in-competition test;

    7, Fu Bo, Hunan, June, in-competition test.

    The CSA said five swimmers were caught in the national junior championships held in Zhengzhou in June.

    After an investigation and a hearing by CSA, the doped swimmers and their coaches were banned from one to two years.

    Shang Xiutang, deputy director of the CSA, said they reported the cases to the world swimming body FINA and the world anti-doping agency WADA right after the results were known last year.

    FINA and WADA also made 10 in-competition and 89 random tests on 99 Chinese swimmers in 2008.

Editor: Wang Guanqun
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