Anti-online game addiction system proves to be effective in China 2009-03-20 21:09:28   Print

    BEIJING, March 20 -- The number of Chinese online game players under the age of 18 has declined to 15 percent of total respondents in 2008 -- a 7 percent drop from the 2007's figure of 183 million -- according to a nationwide survey by the China Youth Social Service Center release on Wednesday.

    Sun Shoushan, deputy chief of the General Administration of Press and Publication, said in Shanghai on Wednesday that the anti-Internet addiction system has been effective in curbing online gaming addictions.

    China developed the anti-online game addiction system in July 2007 to reduce on-line addiction among young people. All game operators in China are required to deter minors from playing their games for more than three hours a day. Online gamers are also required to register using their real names and identity card numbers to determine whether or not they are under the age of 18.

    The system will restricts a minor's playing time by canceling half their earned credits if they remain online for more than three hours a day. If the child plays for more than five hours a day, all of their gaming credits will be lost.

    The survey also showed that about 60 percent of youngsters are satisfied with the anti-addiction system.

    Soundbite: Sun Shoushan, deputy chief of the General Administration of Press and Publication With the effective anti-addiction system, the General Administration of the Press and Publication will cooperation with the Ministry of Public Security to jointly implement real-name certification in online game playing. And help parents to supervise their children's Internet using and prevent their kids from using parents' ID in playing online games.

    The Press and Publication Administration evaluated the anti-indulgence system of 107 online games on 59 game Web sites and made adjustment on 103 of them.

    Xinhua correspondents reporting from Shanghai.

    (Source: XHTV)

Editor: Bi Mingxin
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