Poll: Majority of Icelanders oppose joining EU
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    STOCKHOLM, March 16 (Xinhua) -- The majority of Icelanders are still against applying for membership of the European Union (EU), according to the results of a latest opinion poll reaching here from Iceland capital Reykjavik on Monday.

    The poll, conducted by the Icelandic daily Frettablad among 800voters, showed that 54.5 percent of respondents are against applying for membership of EU, while those in favor of the membership account for 45.5 percent.

    In a similar poll in February, 53.9 percent of respondents were against EU membership, while 46.1 percent were supportive of EU membership.

    Support for EU membership in Iceland increased sharply last year and reached the peak in October with almost 70 percent of respondents showing approval in opinion polls because of the global financial crisis that has hit Iceland very hard.

    But support has again decreased gradually since then. In February 2006, approximately 35 percent of respondents wanted Iceland to apply for EU membership.

    Iceland is a member of the European Free Trade Agreement which gives it access to 80 percent of the EU's internal markets.     

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