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    BEIJING, March 12 --  China's top judge Wang Shengjun said on Tuesday that the Supreme People's Court will "improve its education of work ethics" for judges in a bid to weed out judicial corruption.

    Wang said judicial corruption has seriously damaged the credibility of the country's judicial system and led to "very bad" social consequences.

    A total of 712 staff from courts throughout China were punished for breaking laws in 2008, Wang said. Among them, 105 faced criminal charges.

    Corruption in the judicial system has angered the public.

    In January last year, a court in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen sentenced a former judge to life imprisonment for taking bribes of more than 3.7 million yuan (about 507,000 U.S. dollars).

    In the face of public complaints, the supreme court tried to repair its image.

    On January the 8th, the Supreme People's Court opened a hotline for tips from the public about corruption in courts.

    Up to February the 25th, 139 staff from courts across China were investigated. Among them, four got punishment for criminal offences.

    Following the Supreme People's Court, the supreme procuratorate also issued 10 bans on prosecutors, banning them from taking gifts, interfering with government projects and taking foreign tours using public funds.

    Xinhua News Agency correspondents reporting from Beijing. (XHTV)

Editor: Fang Yang
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