Tibetan Barbie girls say "Hi" to world
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    BEIJING, March 4 (Xinhuanet) -- A total of 300 Tibetan Barbie girls with a limited edition have been on display for the first time at the Gonggar Airport in Lhasa, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

    Following the recent release of eight patterns of ethnic dolls called "Fuxi Girl" (meaning lucky and happy girl) throughout the country, the newly launched Tibetan Barbie girl is the most fetching and most vividly-molded, according to a staff in the airport store.

Picture shows the Tibetan Barbie girls displayed in Lhasa. (Source: Chinatibetnews.com)
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    Each doll has long braided hair with coral and manual silver accessories, wears necklaces made of coral or turquoise and is adorned with an amulet "Gawu", showing a rich ethnic feature.

    According to the staff, the designers were all from Europe. Most parts of a Tibetan Barbie girl were produced in different countries. For example, the eyes were artificially blown in Germany and kinds of hairstyle were made by Japanese artisans.

    "To make these Barbie girls more vivid, the company also invited traditional Tibetan craftsmen to beautify the details," she said.

    "The exhibition of these Tibetan Barbie girls will run in Lhasa for some time. Then they will be moved to Europe for sale. Many Europeans are interested in Chinese culture and yet they just have a little knowledge of it. This way, we hope to promote our ethnic culture and enable more western people to learn about the long and splendid Tibetan culture," she added. 

    (Source: Tibet Business)

Editor: Zhang Mingyu
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