India to overcome nuclear fuel uranium shortage 2009-02-17 18:36:55   Print

    NEW DELHI, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) -- India will soon overcome the shortage of indigenous nuclear fuel uranium, which has led the running of the country's nuclear reactors at half their available capacity for the past year, a senior government official said Tuesday.

    "Nuclear trade restrictions on India have been fully lifted. The country has also signed nuclear fuel supply deals with foreign countries like Russia and France. So, the shortage will be overcome soon," said the official on condition of anonymity.

    India's nuclear power plants have been working at about half their capacity due to shortage of nuclear fuel despite the efforts of the Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL) to tap indigenous uranium deposits.

    The power plants are facing shortage of uranium supply due to the slow process of opening up of new uranium mines.

    At present, India manufactures its nuclear fuel in the Nuclear Fuel Complex in the south Indian state of Hyderabad.

    Seventeen other plants are now being constructed across the country to meet the demand of about one ton of nuke fuel everyday.

    In its interim budget presented by the government on Monday, India has allocated 2.254 billion rupees for procuring a nuclear fuel inventory, a 62 percent hike as compared to the last financial year.

    India's nuclear power stations supply about 50 percent of the country's total electric power.

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