Hamas official: Talks with Egyptians over truce "positive"
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    GAZA, Feb. 3 (Xinhua) -- An Islamic Hamas movement negotiator said on Tuesday night that the talks his delegation had with senior Egyptian officials on a possible longer term truce with Israel, held in Cairo, were "positive."

    Salah el-Bardaweel, also a Hamas lawmaker, told local Maan news agency, based in Bethlehem, on telephone that "Hamas was dealing positively with the Egyptian choices about the truce."

    However, he added that his movement required "a clear explanation for specific issues Israel has tackled." Israel has rejected to allow some goods and materials that were claimed to be used in weapons manufacturing.

    Hamas has agreed on forming a committee to construct what had been destroyed during the Israeli assault on Gaza. Hamas also agreed to join a national reconciliation talks in Cairo on Feb. 22.

    Hamas delegation has met Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, and they have discussed three major issues: the truce (with Israel), the talks on a Palestinian inter-reconciliation and reconstructions in Gaza, he said.

    Asked about the truce with Israel, Al-Bardaweel said that Hamas is cautious in dealing with the Israeli conditions to reach a truce in Gaza.

    He revealed that Israel wants to lift 75 percent of the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip, and that it will lift the blockade totally if Hamas releases the Israeli captive soldier Gilad Shalit.

    Israel would ban 25 percent of the goods and materials into Gaza, claiming that Hamas uses it in arms-making.

    Al-Bardaweel pointed out that Hamas responded to this as saying "We agree to this, and we also agree to tackle the issue of Shalit these days, but we asked for more details about what are the materials and goods that would be banned."

    "Hamas is ready for a prisoners swap anytime," he said, adding "Hamas will stop firing rockets, but we want Egypt to pressure the other armed factions to do so too."

    On the arms smuggling Israel is talking about, he said: "We are not an independent country to prevent smuggling and we don't accept preventing arms because this is going to stop the armed resistance against the occupation." 

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