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Special report: Palestine-Israel Conflicts  

    GAZA, Jan. 26 (Xinhua) -- European Union (EU) Aid Commissioner Louis Michel held on Monday Islamic Hamas movement "overwhelmingly" responsible for the outcomes of the Israeli military offensive on Gaza.

    Michel, who toured Monday the badly damaged enclave of the Gaza Strip, told a news conference that Hamas "is overwhelmingly responsible for the war waged by Israel on the Gaza Strip."

    "Launching (homemade) rockets at civilians is a terrorist action, which has to be strongly denounced," Michel told the reporters as he toured Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip.

    He added that as he checked out the destruction caused by the Israeli army during a 22-day military air and ground offensive, "we should also remind that in spite of all of this, Hamas is overwhelmingly responsible for the outcomes."

    It is the first senior EU official who slammed the Hamas movement, which considered the Israeli offensive as "a great victory for the Palestinians."

    "I mean here to say that Hamas is a terrorist movement and must be condemned. If we want the EU to encourage a political dialogue that achieves calm and progress, Hamas should accept two small conditions," said Michel.

    "Hamas has to recognize Israel's right of return and abandon the armed struggle which basically has terrorist dimensions," Michel added.

    However, Michel announced that the EU would donate an urgent aid of 60 million Euros for the Palestinians. He described the destruction occurred in Gaza "as horrible that is hard to be described."       

Editor: Zhang Mingyu
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