White paper: China's defense technology serves both military, civilian needs
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    BEIJING, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- China is striving to establish a new system of defense-related science, technology and industry which caters to both military and civilian needs, according to a white paper issued on Tuesday.

    The white paper on China's National Defense in 2008, issued by the Information Office of the State Council, says China is accelerating reform and innovation in its defense-related science, technology and industry, promoting strategic and specialization-oriented restructuring of defense industry enterprises, enhancing the capabilities of independent innovation in the R&D of weaponry and equipment.

    The paper says China will establish a licensing system for weaponry and equipment research and production.

    In accordance with the Implementation Measures for Weaponry and Equipment Research and Production Licensing promulgated in May 2005, the defense-related science, technology and industry has adopted a licensing system for weaponry and equipment research and production featuring management of categorization.

    "While maintaining state control over weaponry and equipment research and production, the document allows the non-public sector to enter this field and compete for research and production projects," says the paper.

    In March 2008 the State Council and the CMC issued the Regulations on the Licensing Administration of Weaponry and Equipment Research and Production, further improving the system, says the paper.

    The paper noted that China will enhance the basic capabilities of weaponry and equipment research and production.

    "Defense-related science, technology and industry are striving to enhance the informationization of weaponry and equipment design and development, and to render product design more digitalized, modularized, standardized and reliable," it says.

    According to the paper, China is cooperating with foreign countries on defense-related technology following the principles of mutual benefit and common development.

    On the export of military items, it adheres to the following principles: It should only serve the purpose of helping the recipient state enhance its capability for legitimate self-defense; it must not impair peace, security and stability of the relevant region or the world as a whole; and it must not be used to interfere in the recipient state's internal affairs.

    The paper says China's defense-related science, technology and industry conduct cooperation with other countries in the field of hi-tech industries and develop hi-tech civilian products with high added value.

    Major breakthroughs have been made in developing the international market for space products, it says.

    China has exported its first satellite; and the earth resources satellite project with Brazil has played an important role in both countries' economic development, according to the paper.

    The white paper, the sixth of its kind Chinese government issued since 1998, gives an overall picture of China's national defense ranging from the security environment, national defense policy, to defense expenditure and arms control.

Editor: Fang Yang
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