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Special report: Palestine-Israel Conflicts 

    BEIRUT, Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Lebanon received through international sides, a threat that Israel would use its air force to retaliate, if rockets were launched again from south Lebanon, An-Nahar daily reported Thursday.

    "Intensive contacts were carried out following the rocket attack against northern Israel Wednesday to prevent any escalation," the report said.

    The Lebanese side informed the international sides that Lebanons not responsible for launching the rockets, which were done by an unknown group, the report added.

    However, there were conflicting reports about the rocket attack on Wednesday, local media quoted security sources as saying that no rockets landed into northern Israel.

    But the Israeli side said two rockets were fired from south Lebanon, which missed their targets and fell 2 km from the Lebanese-Israeli border.

    Other media reports citing information from UN Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) that Israeli radars detected the launching of the rockets from south Lebanon.

    An-Nahar quoted Lebanese security sources as revealing that Israel did not allow UNIFIL to inspect the site where the rockets reportedly fell in northern Israel.

    Katyusha rockets were reportedly launched from south Lebanon area of Arkoub Wednesday morning, prompting an Israeli response by firing artillery shells into the area where the rockets were launched.

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