Hezbollah Chief hails Gaza resistance as "miracle and legend"
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    BEIRUT, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- Chief of Lebanese Shiite armed group Hezbollah Hasan Nasrallah said Monday night that the resistance steadiness in Gaza until Monday is a "miracle and a legend," al-Manar TV reported.

    Addressing a huge Ashoura gathering in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Nasrallah said that it is a "divine gift from God that the people in Gaza are still resisting."

    "With little possibilities and a lot of faith, people are resisting, and will make the greatest victory at the end," Nasrallah said.

    He stressed that the prayers for the resistance from believers all around the world made the victory of 2006 war, and today "No one should underestimate the prayers for Gaza people, which we are seeing now in their steadiness."

    Hezbollah fought in 2006 a 34-day fierce war with Israel, which was considered a victory to Hezbollah since Israel could not defeat them.

    For almost every night of Ashoura, a holy occasion for Shiite Muslims which started nine days ago and would last one more day, Nasrallah has been appearing to Shiite believers with encouraging messages, and have been sending political messages related to the situation in Gaza.

    Last week, speeches targeted Egypt and Arab countries which he called "collaborators with Israel" for their silence towards the war in Gaza. His speeches of recent two days were more of moral support to the "resistance in Gaza."

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