Bolivia denounces Israeli raids against Gaza Strip 2008-12-31 12:10:10   Print

Special report: Palestine-Israel Conflicts         

    LA PAZ, Dec. 30 (Xinhua) -- The Bolivian government Tuesday strongly condemned the Israeli air strikes of Palestinian territory of Gaza, which have killed at least 360 Palestinian civilians and soldiers, and injured 1,000 others.

    "These attacks ... killed civilians, under the excuse of responding to some militia attacks, and also they have as a military target civilian infrastructure, like universities," said a statement released by the Bolivian Foreign Ministry.

    The statement said the successive Israeli air strikes against civilians in the Gaza Strip were "crimes" and the attacks "represent a severe and massive violation of the International Humanitarian Law."

    It is unacceptable in this era of integration and dialogue to launch violent attacks against civilians, said Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca, adding that the issue requires the recognition of the right of the Palestine state to exist and to have its own territory.

    He also said these Israeli raids against the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory of 360 square kilometers with 1.5 million people, are extremely grave.

    Bolivian President Evo Morales demanded an immediate cease of the Israeli aggressive actions against the Palestinian people.

    Bolivia also requested the United Nations and the UN Security Council to adopt a strong position of condemnation against Israel and to urge Israel to give up any military solutions.


Editor: Bi Mingxin
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