Iraqi court clears lawmaker of charge of visiting Israel: his lawyer 2008-11-24 22:58:14   Print

    BAGHDAD, Nov. 24 (Xinhua) -- An Iraqi court cleared on Monday a lawmaker of charge of visiting Israel, ruling that the parliament decision to strip the lawmaker of his legal immunity was illegal as the visit to Israel is not against the Iraqi law, the defense lawyer said.

    "The Supreme Federal Court rejected the parliament's decision to strip the lawmaker Mithal al-Alusi of immunity for his participation in a conference held in Israel," Alusi's lawyer Tariq Harb told Xinhua.

    The court has informed the parliament about its decision through the parliament's representative who was attending the session, saying the parliament has no constitutional right to strip immunity from Alusi, Harb said.

    "That means Alusi will regain all his rights," he said, adding that his client would resume work at parliament soon.

    In September, members of parliament voted to strip Alusi of his legal immunity for breaching norms when he visited a country traditionally Iraq considers it as enemy.

    The court's decision pointed out that there is no clear law prevent people of Iraq from visiting Israel or any other country in the world, Harb said.

    Alusi, a Sunni secular, frequently said that he was a victim for a campaign against him, because he always criticizes Iran's role in Iraq, angering many pro-Iran Iraqi Shiite politicians and lawmakers.

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