Lebanon's Gemayel warns against Iraqi Christian displacement
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    BEIRUT, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- Former Lebanese Christian President Amin Gemayel warned Thursday of "racial cleaning" campaign targeting Christians in Iraq, local An-Nahar daily reported Friday.

    Gemayel, who is a pro-Western leader heading the pro-government Christian Phalange Party in Lebanon, told a press conference that "the campaign targeting Iraqi Christians is aimed at displacing them similar to the displacement of the Palestinians."

    "It is regrettable that this campaign is taking place while the new Iraqi regime and the American forces are watching," he said.

    "What raised suspicion is that this campaign of racial cleaninga gainst Iraqi Christians is underway as the security situation in Iraq is improving," Gemayel said, adding Iraqi Christians have set"the first example of Christian-Muslim coexistence."

    Gemayel urged Lebanese spiritual leaders to form a joint delegation from all Lebanese sects to "travel to Iraq on a fact-finding mission to inspect the situation of Iraqi Christians."

    Thousands of Iraqi Christians are reportedly leaving their homes following attacks and aggressions targeting them.

    The Gemayel Family in Lebanon, founders of the Phalange Party, have led the Christians in the country through out the Lebanese civil war in 1975-1990.

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