Seven Czech soldiers wounded in Afghanistan 2008-10-02 00:50:32   Print

    PRAGUE, Oct. 1 (Xinhua) -- Seven soldiers of the Czech Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) were wounded near the Shank base in the Afghan province Logar, Czech chief-of-staff Vlastimil Picek said in Prague on Wednesday.

    Unknown attackers used anti-tank grenades and firearms against the Czech troops and the Czechs fired back, Picek said.

    The Czech troops drove armored Humwee vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns, he added.

    None of the soldiers is in a critical state. One of them was flown to a U.S. field hospital in Bagram and two to the Czech field hospital in Kabul. The remaining four wounded were treated at the Shank base.

    The Shank base was attacked last week, too. Three Czech soldiers were injured last Monday.

    Two Czech soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan this year. One soldier was killed in 2007.

    Some 400 Czech troops are operating in Afghanistan as part of NATO forces, half of them being members of Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), which is composed of 200 soldiers and 10 civilian experts operates in Logar. Czechs also work in a 100-member field hospital in Kabul.

Editor: Mu Xuequan
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