Violent typhoon Jangmi hits Taiwan 2008-09-28 20:36:03   Print

    TAIPEI, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Powerful Typhoon Jangmi hit Taiwan with strong winds and torrential rain Sunday. Offices and schools were shut down, flights cancelled and power was cut off to tens of thousands of households.

    Jangmi, the most powerful typhoon so far to hit the island this year, hit land in Ilan county in northeastern Taiwan Sunday afternoon, the island's meteorological authorities said.

    In mountainous areas in Ilan and Hualien, rainfall was estimated as high as 1,400 millimeters.

    In Taipei, torrential rain accompanied by gale wind dramatically reduced road visibility. Several trees fell.

    Many airlines have been forced to cancel or delay inbound and outbound flights.

    China Southern Airlines of the Chinese mainland cancelled two flights from Taoyuan International Airport in Taipei to Guangzhou, and one flight from Shanghai to Taipei Songshan Airport.

    Delayed flights include routes from Beijing to Taipei Songshan Airport, and two flights of Air China respectively from Beijing and Shanghai to Tauyuan Airport.

    Hong Kong-based Cathy Pacific Airways announced the delay of 14flights between Taipei and Hong Kong, Japan and Seoul from Sunday to Monday.

    The island's TransAsia Airways, Mandarin Airlines and Uni Air also cancelled or reduced flights due to bad weather. Railway transportation was also affected after local operators halted services Sunday.

    Power was cut to 34,000 households across the island, and all schools are closed Sunday and also likely on Monday.

    Although the typhoon's center will leave the island Sunday evening, bad weather is expected to last until Monday afternoon, said meteorological authorities.

Editor: Lin Liyu
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