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    BEIJING, Aug. 27 (Xinhua) -- The China Consumers' Association (CCA), on Wednesday called for the promotion of appropriate packaging in commercial goods in effort to curb a wastage of resources.

    Producers, retailers and consumers were all encouraged to fight excessive packaging.

    With the approach of next month's traditional Mid-Autumn Festival (an occasion when families gathered and shared mooncakes), a normal consumer would not want to buy the seasonal delicacies packed in layers of wrappings, or ornamented with luxurious elements that made the cakes more expensive than ordinary people could appreciate.

    A CCA survey showed 78.8 percent of those polled voiced disapproval toward excessive packaging, and 69.3 percent said it was an infringement of their rights, as such goods were more expensive.

    According to CCA, mooncakes, cosmetics, tea and nutritious goods are mostly likely to be over-packaged.

    The promotion of proper packaging and the usage of environmental friendly packaging materials was also supported by other organizations in the China General Chamber of Commerce, China Packaging Technology Association and the China Health Care Association.

Editor: Yao
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