China to amend penalties for fraud involving military license plates 2008-08-26 10:16:36   Print

    BEIJING, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) -- China unveiled a draft amendment on Monday to the Criminal Law that stipulates further punishment for counterfeiting, stealing, illegally supplying and using military vehicle plates.

    Civilians who take part in such activities will face prison terms of up to three years and fines, according to the amendment taken up by the current session of China's top legislature, which opened on Monday.

    The amendment would complement the current criminal law, which provides for penalties of up to three years in prison and fines.

    In China, cars with military plates, which have different colors and a different numbering system from civilian plates, have several privileges, including exemption from road tolls and parking fees.

    About 17,000 cases were exposed concerning fake military vehicles and fake or stolen plates in a campaign by the Public Security Ministry and military forces from May to July.

Editor: Du Guodong
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