Salvadorian shooter is first Latin American woman in shooting final 2008-08-14 09:46:59   Print

MEXICO CITY, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) -- Salvadorian Luisa Maida Wednesday concluded her trip to the Beijing Olympic Games, feeling satisfied with her performance as she became the first Latin American woman to reach a final at the 25m shooting.

Maida, runner-up at the Pan American Games of Panama 2007, finished eighth in the final of sports shooting, which allowed her to surpass Spaniard Sonia Franquet, Byelorussian Viktoria Chaika and French Briggite Roy.

Maida advanced from a field of 41 shooters, and she was happy with her ending. She passed to the sixth during the qualification with 582 points.

In the final, Maida kept a great level until the 18th shot which made her finish with 774 points, 15 points far from the bronze. Chinese Chen Ying won the gold medal with 793.4 points.

Editor: Xinhuanet
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