China's Huangshan to restrict vehicles during Olympics 2008-08-03 18:53:54   Print

Special report: 2008 Olympic Games

    HUANGSHAN, Anhui Province, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- Visitors to central China's Mount Huangshan will be confined to authorized local buses for the trip through the scenic area over the Olympic Games period.

    The Huangshan administrative commission has banned all other vehicles from the area in order to ensure traffic flowed smoothly and to avoid security and safety risks, said a commission official who gave only his surname Chen.

    The measure will take effect on Aug. 5 and will last until the end of the Beijing Olympics.

    The commission would provide buses for all tourists with a single fare of about 13 yuan (1.9 U.S. dollars), said Chen.

    The measure, announced in a notice released on Friday, applied to all visitors from China and abroad and to Chinese army and police officials.

    Huangshan, in Anhui Province, is one of China's biggest tourist attractions, drawing more than 15 million people last year.

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