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Special report: Tibet: Its Past and Present

    KATHMANDU, July 25 (Xinhua) -- Nepali police on Friday afternoon detained about 100 Tibetan separatists involved in anti-China activities in the Nepali capital of Kathmandu.

    At around 1500 local time (0915 GMT), the separatists managed to break Nepali police's bar, thronging twenty meters away from the visa office of the Chinese Embassy in Nepal by a heavy-traffic street in front of the main gate from the north, shouting out so-called "Tibet Independence" anti-China slogans and abusing Chinese leadership.

    Nepali police earlier deployed there blocked the rally and defined their activities at a corner in front of some local business offices. The business offices' normal operation was badly affected.

    The traffic soon was trapped into a mess, so the traffic policemen had to evacuate some jammed vehicles by the one-way street against the regular direction. Even a Nepali minister's motorcade moving in the normal direction had to carefully shun the contradictorily running vehicles.

    As seen on the spot, the detained Tibetan separatists poured unknown liquid, possibly bottles of water, on the policemen. Around 100 Tibetan separatists were detained, some police officers in charge told Xinhua.

    These detainees are supposed to be released after brief inquiry in police stations.

    The Tibetan separatists are taking advantage of Nepal, the youngest republic in the world, at its historic turning point.

    After Nepal was declared a republic on May 28 by its Constituent Assembly, a republic government has not been established.

    The Nepali government has repeatedly said that Tibet is an inalienable part of China and that it will not allow anti-China activities on its territory.

    Sarbendra Khanal, Metropolitan Police Range Office chief in Kathmandu, told Xinhua in April that Nepali police were simply performing their duties when assaulted by the Tibetans. "Nepali police have been displaying utmost tolerance and using minimum force" while dealing with the Tibetan separatists, said Khanal.

    Tibetan separatists have staged frequent anti-China protests since mid-March in Kathmandu. The activities often went ugly, leading to disruptions of city traffic and clashes with police which injured some Nepali policemen.

    Chinese Ambassador Zheng Xianglin said last month that there were criminal acts of beating and smashing in Kathmandu against other Tibetans who either refused to take part in anti-China activities or held different positions from the separatists.

Editor: Bi Mingxin
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