NASA denies reports on negotiation to buy Japan's cargo spacecraft 2008-07-22 08:06:30   Print

    WASHINGTON, July 21 (Xinhua) -- NASA said on Monday the news reports that it is negotiation with Japan's space agency to purchase a Japanese spacecraft as the successor to its space shuttles is "inaccurate."

    "Contrary to news reports, NASA has not officially or unofficially been discussing the purchase of H-II Transfer Vehicles (HTV) -- uninhabited resupply cargo ships for the space station -- from the Japanese Space Agency, or JAXA," NASA announced in a statement.

    The Yomiuri, a Japanese newspaper, reported over the weekend that NASA is in an unofficial talk with JAXA to buy HTV from Japan so after the space shuttles' retirement it can be used to transfer supplies to the space station.

    However, NASA said in the statement that it is committed to domestic commercial cargo resupply to the space station and does not plan to procure cargo delivery services from Japan.

    According to NASA's schedule, its three active service space shuttles will be grounded by 2010. And the next-generation spacecraft Orion will be all set no earlier than 2015. So NASA is assisting some domestic companies to develop new space vehicles for cargo delivery in the future.

Editor: Amber Yao
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