Iraq expects Beijing Olympics to be best in history 2008-07-15 21:57:08   Print

Special report:   2008 Olympic Games    

    BAGHDAD, July 15 (Xinhua) -- The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will come as a "dream" for the whole world and it would be the best in history, said the head of the Iraqi Paralympic Committee in a recent interview.

    "I admired the Chinese athletes presented at the Athens Games in 2004. They astonished and excited all spectators, including me, with their wonderful performance. I expect that Beijing Olympic Games will be the Olympics of the dream and the best one in history," Qahtan Taieh al-Neimi told Xinhua.

    "The significant thing for us is Iraq's participation, because just sending Iraqi athletes to Beijing in such hard circumstances is a victory," Neimi said.

    He hoped that the Iraqi disabled athletes would make greater accomplishments than four years ago, when the Iraqi team carried a gold and a silver medal.

    Neimi will be the head of the Iraqi delegation of 34 members, including volleyball players, weight-lifters and track and field athletes.

    The medal-hopefuls are weight-lifting and track and field.

    "Our endeavor is to prove that the Iraqi athletes are capable of fulfilling achievements and competitions with other athletes in the lofty sports spirit in such a great international event," he said.

    He said that war and violence in Iraq would have bad effects on their performance and psychology as well.

    "It is a matter of fact that when Iraqi players hear the news of explosions and killings in Iraq when they are training abroad or participating in a game, they will be affected negatively," he said.

    "We want to tell the whole world through the Beijing Games that sport is a place where various kinds of people with different cultures gather and advance on the path of love and peace free from violence and hostility," Neimi said,

    Neimi expects that 2008 Beijing Olympics will excite everybody and be a very distinctive one because it will be held on the strength of China's centuries-old history and civilization and the contemporary development.

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