U.S. congressional approval rate reaches new record low
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    WASHINGTON, July 8 (Xinhua) -- U.S. congressional approval rate hit new lows in the recent polls, said a news website on Tuesday.

    The latest Rasmussen poll conducted on July 1 showed that percentage of voters who give Congress good or excellent ratings fell to only single digits for the first time in the survey body's history, at 9 percent, while about 52 percent said Congress was doing a poor job, said the report by Politico website.

    However, the approval rate of Democrats, who have a majority of seats in Congress, still led that of Republicans by 12 percentage points, it showed.

    The lead was much wider in a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll conducted in mid-June, which found Democratic party beat Republican by 52 percent to 33 percent in supporting rate, Politico said.

    The gap of 19 points was the largest recorded for either party since the question was first asked in 1994, it added.

    It also said the poll results came as the nation suffered from a high gas prices and a sagging economy, in which public's perception of Congress was hurt.

    The U.S. is gearing for the Nov. 4 when they will vote for a new president and also all House Representatives and one-thirds Senators.     

Editor: Mu Xuequan
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